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You’ve been walking your path … now it’s time to connect with Soul Tribe.

Just as we planned ... we were not meant to do this alone !


We are now well and truly integrating the energies of the shift, and if you're reading this you're one of the wayshowers. You may sometimes have felt quite alone on your journey, but now it's time to find others you feel resonant with.

We need each other at this time - it's what we planned - we each hold a unique piece of the puzzle and we were never meant to do this alone (phew) !!

So if you are looking for: 

  • up-to-date accessible information about the energy and body shifts,
  • access to leading edge meditations, activations and alignments.
  • soul family
  • a resonant group who understand your journey,
  • powerful energy processes that work,
  • co-creators,
  • FUN and
  • ease of connection from your own sacred space


then you’re in the right place.

Connect with Your Tribe

Ready to feel Seen, Understood and Supported ?

Who is it for ?

The Inner Light Circle in an online, global, welcoming, leading edge support network for lightworkers, teachers, healers and empaths.

What will you receive ?

You’ll receive access to monthly LIVE and recorded sessions, meditations and processes, special newsletters, a supportive, global, soul connected community … and more.

Why a Monthly Circle ?

After connecting with many amazing beings like you for short, intense (and wonderful) periods of time for workshops or on social media, I felt that it would be a great advantage to have a regular and affordable circle where we could keep the energy and support flowing on a more consistent basis.


This is so important as we move through this time of "embodiment" of the light and into the New Timeline. We are all learning from each other, and hold pieces of the puzzle for each other, so community is really important.


We were not meant to do this alone.


When you join the Inner Light Circle you’ll receive: 

  • At least one scheduled monthly online interactive audio gathering at the times listed below
  • Additional events on key dates like 11/11
  • Additional calls from time to time for those in other timezones/workzones.
  • Recordings for all events and calls.
  • A special newsletter (at least one per month)
  • Access to a wonderful supportive community
  • A facebook group where leading edge information will be shared regularly
  • Discounts for future online workshops
  • And more


How does it work ?


  • This circle meets at least once a month online for a scheduled audio call (there will also be extra gatherings when we feel the need and some timed for other timezones and workzones too).
  • In each call we do at least one meditation journey and talk about the current energies. We might also focus on a particular topic, based on what is happening for us all.
  • Each call lasts for 60 to 90 minutes.
  • The gotomeeting system we use has a web interface, or you can also call in via phone.
  • On the call you're able to interact with everyone else via the chat window and there's also time for voice chat.
  • There's a facebook group where we stay connected between calls, so even if you're in a different timezone you can interact with the group at all times. I'll also be adding some more calls for other timezones as we go along.
  • There's a special newsletter just for this circle ... and much much more.


Join us Here

Your Soul Group is Waiting and the Gateways are Calling

Call Times



Scheduled February Call

Wednesday February 20th at 9am Singapore Time (12 noon Melbourne/Sydney)

Tuesday February 19th 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern)


Scheduled March Call

Wednesday March 13th at 9am Singapore Time (12 noon Melbourne/Sydney)

Tuesday March 12th 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern)


Scheduled April Call

Wednesday April 10th at 9am Singapore Time (12 noon Melbourne/Sydney)

Tuesday April 9th 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern)


Extra calls may be scheduled for key dates and for other timezones.


You can choose to pay as you go, by the month, or for a whole year.

The price is either $11USD per month or $111USD for 12 months.

Payment can be made by Credit Card or Paypal. Simply click the button below and follow the instructions.

What if I join and then decide it’s not for me ?

If you decide this is not your tribe or vibe ...

For monthly payments you can end your subscription at any time.

For yearly subscriptions I’ll happily refund you within the first 2 months if this is not where you belong.

So why wait ? Join us today.

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