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Turning it Around - The Age of Heart

Join Soul Family for this 4 week journey as we align with the energies of the New Cycle

Thanks so much for listening in to the "Peace and Purpose" call. I hope you felt the power and support of this "soul group" energy. It was amazing ... yes ?

My aim was to give you some tools to take away with you so that you can create an alignment practice for yourself. A morning meditation and a daily gratitude practice will really help at this time.

I know however (through experience), how much easier it is to stick to a practice when you're on the journey with a supportive group. 


If you'd like to keep the momentum going and join me for the next 4 weeks that would be wonderful.

Each week there will be an online session (somewhat like the Peace and Purpose call) which will be recorded. There will be new meditations/alignments each week as well as lots of information about the current energies. Plus practical tips and tools for the journey.

There's also amazing group support in our "secret" facebook group and in our online area.

In between the sessions you'll get into a rhythm of loving your daily practice. You'll notice changes after just a few days of this commitment to yourself.

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit and practice yourself into a New Way of Being. We'll be together for a 22 day journey that will shift our lives in magical ways.

We are literally on the journey of lifetimes.


On Board ?

Gathering with other like minded souls helps lift us all higher, so I hope you can join us for this journey into the New.

Series Details

There will be 4 weeks of Online Calls (All Recorded)

All the call details are below !! If you can't make the LIVE sessions you can join via the recordings. The recordings will remain in our online area where you'll have access to them for as long as you need.

In between the sessions you'll be focused on your daily practice. You'll receive new meditations/alignments to choose from each week via the recordings.


 Week 1: Back to Self

In this session you'll learn and experience ways to tune out of the disruptive and negative energies that are around you, and tap into your own source of energy, unconditional love and inner guidance. You'll learn why emotions are so very important and reboot your emotional "GPS".

We'll also be learning about tools to help us "let go", forgive and heal. So important as we move into this New Cycle

Wed 7th June 9am Singapore, 11am Syd/Melb

(Tues 6th June 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern)

Week 2: Owning Your Magnificence

This week will be about taking charge of your own destiny. We'll uncover more about why you're really here and your heroic "ancient" mission. We'll time travel back to the past to access those ancient gifts and memories of yours that will be of use to you now.

Wed 14th June 9am Singapore, 11am Syd/Melb

(Tues 13th June 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern)

Week 3: Radiating it Out

In our third session you will learn how you can effect a far reaching positive influence with your energy field ... and how to begin creating the life of your dreams via the ancient/spiritual law of attraction. This is the week you'll turn your Sensitivity into your Superpower.

Perfect timing as we do this session right on the Solstice !!

Wed 21st June 9am Singapore, 11am Syd/Melb

(Tues 20th June 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern)

Week 4: The Big Alignment

This week we will bring it all together. There will be lots of time for questions and reflections as we do LIVE calls in 2 timezones.

Wed 28th June 9am Singapore, 11am Syd/Melb

(Tues 27th June 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern)

There will also be a call on Wed 28th June at 9am London time.



Join before midnight Sunday evening 4th June Pacific Time to receive the early bird rate of US $111 (normally $144)

A payment plan of $29 US per month for 4 months is also available.

Click the button below for the pricing options.


I look forward to connecting with you at this very special time. Don't hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions.

With Masses of Gratitude ...

Julie Ann


Are You In ?

Looking forward to continuing this journey with You