About Julie Ann

Hi there ...

.. and thanks so much for your interest in my work.

I'm an Australian-born, Singapore-based Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author and also the creator of some some thriving global facebook communities.

I've taught Healing, Meditation and Law of Attraction workshops in several countries including Malaysia, Philippines, China, Australia and of course Singapore. And over the years I've led large meditation gatherings both in person and online.

As well as being trained in several healing modalities including Jin Shin Jyutsu and EFT (tapping), I'm also an Overlight Practitioner as certified by Lightworker.com. I'm not a follower of any particular spiritual teaching but I've trusted my heart to lead me to study with many wonderful teachers over the years. To deepen my own practice, bring through my unique gifts and connect more fully with my guidance ... which is what I believe we are all here to do.

I'm absolutely thrilled to be a contributing author to the #1 International Bestseller "Embraced by the Divine". In my chapter I tell the story of how I overcame a high anxiety condition, and how that led me onto my spiritual path. I came to realise that this sensitivity was my greatest gift and now I want to help others harness that power for themselves. 

Oh and in my previous career ... I worked in IT !!. I have a Masters' Degree in Applied Science (my field was Artificial Intelligence ... yep I know :)) and ran my own small consultacy in Melbourne.

So that's me !!

And ... I absolutely love signs, numbers and synchronicity (which you'll see if you join me on facebook or twitter) ...

Hope to connect with you there as well ...

Julie Ann