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Are you ready to take your next step?

Maybe you're not quite sure what that is ... and if so you're in the right place !!
Because I'd love to suggest that your next step should be ... to get into "Alignment".


So what does that mean exactly ?

In simple terms it means getting centred, balanced and … happy.


But more than that it’s an energetic space that when attained brings:




Manifestations that make your heart and soul sing



And more ... much more.


Your alignment opens your connection to your soul energy.

And it is a logical first step because until you have that connection you can’t hear and trust the guidance that’s meant for YOU and you alone.

It’s also harder to manifest via the Law of Attraction because without Alignment we tend to manifest from a place of lack and end up not getting what we want. Sound familiar ?


The good news is it’s not complicated to get there … but it does take a commitment to a regular practice.

It’s why I’ve created The Alignment Portal and the 21 Day Abundant Alignment Process.


Right now I’m offering the 21 Day Abundant Alignment Process (it really works !! See the testimonials below) as a BONUS with membership to my brand new membership ... The Alignment Portal.


The Alignment Portal is just launching and when you sign up now you’ll be a foundation member (thank you so much).

The (very very affordable) price will never increase for you as long as you choose to stay a member – even as I add lots of new features in the coming months.

Enter The Alignment Portal Now

And keep the same price forever ...


I've been building and testing the portal for a while now and am so happy to finally share it with you.

So what IS it exactly ?

The Alignment Portal

The Alignment Portal is a one stop treasure trove of meditations, activations and processes, with new audio recordings added each month.

The meditations and audios can be played in The Alignment Portal itself or are downloadable to your computer so you can access them forever.

What makes these meditations special is that they are intentionally aligned with the higher frequencies we are moving into at this time, and designed to help you feel at home in these new energies.

Meditations already available in the portal include:

  • The aptly named “Bliss Bath” (a crowd favorite)
  • The popular "Magnetic Heart" (wonderful for magnetising and manifesting your dreams into reality).
  • a Ho'oponopono forgiveness integration.
  • A beautiful “Zero Point” meditation that takes you into the void of unlimited possibility to meet your guides.
  • And many more.

There are short meditations for when you're in a hurry ... longer ones for the days you need more ... some with music ... some without … and many more to come (great for those who like variety in their practice).

And coming soon … a “walking” meditation and a crystal bowl soundbath healing activation.

You'll also have access to a private facebook group where I'm active most days ... AND receive short email updates about the energies in real time (as well as my longer bi-monthly energy updates).

Once a member you'll also receive discounts for anything I offer in the future as well as free access to certain online events.


And ... OF COURSE … the 21 Day Abundant Alignment Process as a bonus
(you can begin this at any time in the future ... or straight away).


The Alignment Portal is a supportive space to grow and thrive in the New Energies.

Join like minded souls, get regular updates (and assurance that you're not the only one having certain experiences), and have easy access to a range of empowering tools that you can use in your own time.

You can join this month for just $11US per month (yearly option available too) and you'll have immediate access to lots of meditations (to play or download) AND the 21 Day Abundant Alignment process too (valued at $33).

And as it's a membership you can opt out at any time (though it's my intention that you're going to absolutely love it).


Ready to Make that Change ?

Gain Immediate Access to the Portal

The Alignment Portal is for you if any of these ring true:

  • You’re tired of the emotional and energetic roller coaster
  • You’d love more peace, love, joy, inspiration and creativity
  • You know meditation would help you, but think you can’t do it
  • You’d love an easy way to start a daily practice that really works
  • You’ve been trying to manifest but it’s just not working and you’re getting impatient
  • You’re busy and would love to have a one stop solution for your daily practice needs
  • You get bored and like to mix it up and bring in new processes
  • You sometimes feel you’re alone on the journey and would love some support as you evolve
  • You’d love the motivation and accountability to help you stick to a practice for at least 21 days
  • Your old practices are simply not as effective in these new energies
  • You have a practice but you feel called to step it up to the next level
  • You’d love to know more about what is happening on the planet and why


And for as little as $11US per month you'll receive:

  • Immediate access to a treasure trove of meditations and processes, with more to come each month
  • Mini energy updates via email in real time
  • Access to a private facebook group where I am actively participating – you’ll love the supportive energy in the group
  • The 21 Day Abumdant Alignment process (see below) to begin at any time you choose (this on it’s own is valued at $33US)
  • Discounts to all future classes and offerings
  • A forever founder price for your membership

Why not get started today ? The energies are not about to ease up any time soon.
This is your time to align !!
If not now, then when ?

It's my time

To Align

Your special BONUS – The 21 Day Abundant Alignment Process


My belief from years of teaching, healing and leading group processes is that if you don't have a personal daily practice that works, things are a whole lot harder than they need to be.

Especially now when the energies are ramping up at warp speed.

I'm talking about a practice that helps you align, centre, and recalibrate. And that is designed to work with the new frequencies and the speed of change that's happening on our planet.


Abundant Alignment is a 21 Day process based on guided meditation and gratitude.

You’ll receive a daily email – each email filled with inspiration and information about the shift that’s happening on our planet.


"Feeling so much appreciation and abundance. I am just loving the daily emails."


You’ll do the process in your own time (allow 20-30 minutes a day) but have the option of connecting with our supportive group for encouragement and accountability.


People make huge shifts doing this simple process. The secret is to show up every day. See below for some testimonials.




"Feeling so much appreciation and abundance. I am just loving the daily emails."

"Alignment certainly attracts more and more to simply appreciate more and more. I feel truly blessed from this past 21 days, it has all been amazing. So much growth and expansion"

"I felt significant changes with the momentum of the 21 days, and know that how I felt and managed to deal with some of the life situations during that period and after were a direct result of my alignment. Magical and profound."

"I can't give this up. After 21/22 days this has now become my new habit!! I'm so full of gratitude to Julie and everyone who shared this alignment journey."

"I am very excited ... and can’t wait to get my groove back on... . So very much looking forward to the group connection and commitment as it brings so much to my practice."


To learn more about Abundant Alignment please click here.

Come on In

The Portal is ready for you

About Julie Ann

I’m an Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Divine Energy Channel and Author … and also the creator of the  "If You are Looking for a Sign this is IT" and the “Seeing 11:11 – A Global Vision” Daily Intention Project" communities.

I came to my spiritual path through a high anxiety condition many years ago. This difficult period in my life led me to meditation (thank goodness) and later to the realization that I am an Empath.  

After years of spiritual work this empathic ability now helps me to channel and hold very high frequencies for healing and activation. You'll experience those in the Alignment Portal meditations.

I believe a daily practice of connection is so very important (and the best way to thrive in these changing times), so I am thrilled to also offer this simple but powerful Abundant Alignment process to you.

I'm passionate about sharing the evolving practices and teachings that have helped me on my own journey. 


You might also be interested in working with me 1:1. Among other things I offer coaching packages for healers, teachers, lightworkers and empaths.

I also work with the earth energies and have been guided to work with many ancient sites, portals and leylines. This photo is from a group Sacred Journey to Peru/Bolivia. France (Magdalene Lineage) and UK are coming soon.

Please get in touch if you have any questions … and make sure to join my mailing list at

Much love to you

Julie Ann ([email protected])


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